Mouse in JOGL and LWJGL

Hello, jME example programs acts different when JOGL and LWJGL is used.

I try and in LWJGL mouse is locked into window with different cursor design

and MouseInput.get().getXAbsolute() returns right coordinate. Probably this is right for this example.

When I use JOGL, mouse is standard windows cursor and is not locked into window

and MouseInput.get().getXAbsolute() returns zero. Only when I drag mouse then

getXAbsolute() returns right coordinate.

How to get mouse handler functional with JOGL?

I perffer mouse will not be locked into 3D window but click will be processed with right coordinates.

Thank you fo help.

I founds I have same problem on three different computers and in all examples with JOGL.

I'm not able get mouse coordinates with function MouseInput.get().getX/YAbsolute();

Always obtains zero. When I do drag with mouse, I obtain right coordinates,

after then, when I do only click again, I obtail wrong coordinates from last mouse drag position.

Anybody can help me?

I'm afraid JOGL is not widely used, thats why you propably get so few answers :slight_smile:

There were some fixes for the jogl implementation, i'm not quite sure if they have been commited yet. (look for them in the contribution depot).

Also if you can make a small runnable SimpleGame Testcase to reproduce the problem, the chances are better for someone to takt time and look into it.