MouseInput with FengGUI?


I added a FengGUI window to my game, but I can't close it. The window and the mouse are correctly displayed, but the window seems not to react to mouse input.

My game extends SimplePassGame.

I put these lines at the beginning of simpleInitGame():


Here is the code for the GUI, which is called at the end of simpleInitGame():

   private void initGUI() {
       LWJGLBinding binding = new LWJGLBinding();

       desk = new org.fenggui.Display(binding);
       DefaultTheme th = new DefaultTheme();
      Window frame = FengGUI.createWindow(true, false, false, true);
      frame.setSize(200, 100);
      frame.getAppearance().add(new PlainBackground(Color.GRAY));
      frame.getContentContainer().setLayoutManager(new StaticLayout());


and this is my simpleRender():


Could somebody help me please? I'm lost right now, tried few things from examples, but they didn't work.

you propably need the  fengjmeinputhandler