Moving initializer template to java 17

I’m considering moving the JMonkey Initializer templates to use java 17 for the single project desktop and VR templates. I don’t really work with Android but I get the feeling Java 17 isn’t ready to be assumed for android yet so I’m not suggesting it for multi-project and android templates (unless people think I’m wrong).

I’ve been running my projects on java 17 for a while without issue.

What do people think about that, is there any reason I shouldn’t bump the starter’s java version to 17?


Curious: why 17 and not 18?

Just wondering if there are any issues. (Mythruna seems to deploy fine with JDK18.)

Just because 17 is the long term support version.

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This has now been released for desktop and VR templates.

With the discussion happening at maybe it won’t be long till the android and multimodule projects can go to 17 as well

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