Moving objects

When you right click on a model(e.g. a tree) in the SDK and add it to your scene file, can you move it to a new location? because currently im trying to make a forest of trees, but any time i add a tree it attaches to the direct center (0, 0, 0) and i cant figure out how to move it. i dont know if making the whole scene in the editor like this is the best practice really anyways, so any constructive feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Right-click the scene to move the cursor, after that it will appear at that location.

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You can do this in the scene composer.

If you are familiar with Blender, the main tool in the scene composer will operate the same way:

type ‘g’: to grab and translate an object

‘s’: to scale a selected object

‘r’: to rotate a selected object

There are two buttons on the scene composer toolbar for snapping to the terrain, and to snap to grid points. Useful for placing items around the map.

If you left-click on the terrain, it will set the cursor. Next time you import a model it will place it at the cursor position.

The tool is still in development, and a recent change in RC2 caused some instability. But I plan to fix that soon.

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thanks for the feedback guys. i was using the same hotkeys as i use in blender, but for some reason in jme i have to like double click and double hotkey a lot for some reason. not sure if its a bug, but either way, not a big deal and i can work around it. thanks again

you have click the canvas to get it to have focus first, before the hotkeys will work