Moving project from 3.0 to 3.1, error with tonegodgui

I just downloaded the 3.1 release and when I open a project I’m getting an error saying the libraries from 3 cant be found. I’m wondering if there are some extra steps you need to take when moving a project from 3 to 3.1?

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Just create a new project in the 3.1 sdk and paste “src” and “assets” folders as path and names of jme JARs changed in 3.1

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Great! Now I need to find tonegodgui and SkyControl libraries. They arent in the plugins when I refresh them.

Ah I found them. Tonegodgui isnt working with 3.1 I take it? I get this error when I try to create a screen.

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.jme3.renderer.ViewPort.getScenes()Ljava/util/List;
at tonegod.gui.core.Screen.<init>(

At my line

  screen = new Screen(main);

So I may have to switch to niftygui until this gets fixed

Seems like recompiling tonegodGUI would be 10000x easier than switching to a completely different library.

The issue: tonegodGUI was compiled against 3.0 and not 3.1. That’s it.

And how would I do that?

You can check out the sources here:

I think someone may soon be creating a fork of tonegodgui and updating it. Until then, you can import these sources into a new project and compile it.

Yeah, there was a thread just recently that someone has forked this on github and made improvements, converted the build to gradle, whatever. I don’t read those too closely as I don’t use the library personally.

I just clicked export to github at the top of the page. Hopefully itll work and I can just use that in my project

So far I’ve created a new library in the jme sdk and added all of the tonegod sources and gradle source to the new library. Fixed all the imports, and it was built with no errors. I added the .jar file it created to my project but whenever I try import JavaLibrary1.tonegod it can’t find the library. Did i miss a step somewhere?