Moving spatial

Hi All,

I have a Spatial object that I wanted to move with speed ‘X’ continuously. Can anybody help me, how can I do this?

Some background: I tried to use the Spatial.Translate() methods, but I know nothing about the “environment” coordinate system, so in some cases, when I moved the object by “1”, it looked like it moved with “1 km”, however another cases moving with “1” caused moving the object with “1 m”


On each update move it by that amount.

…else you will have to give us more information. But probably everything you want to know in your next 30 questions will be answered by doing the tutorials.

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The “environment” coordinate system uses a measure called World Units (WU). What an WU represents in your game is up to you (1WU = 1 meter or 1WU = 1 inch or whatever).

Here’s a little presentation that will surely help you. And seriously do the tutorials as @pspeed said.