mTheoryGame Pre Alpha Preview

Closed Pre Alpha testing is drawing to a close, a big thanks to everyone who helped out! I can start focusing on the first Pre Alpha Release. This video is mostly what the first Pre Alpha will be at this stage.

I have a bunch of annotated screen grabs taken from the video, pointing out different elements at

Visible updates:
- tweaked wet ground;
- new rain effects: splash & raindrops;
- softer character shader;
- decals;
- ganster universe:
- characters;
- weapon - Tommy Gun;
- air slam;
- plenty of powerful 'baggin;
- golden AK
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lol your teabagging him 1:50-2:00?? XD. Looking awesome as usual, great work

oh nice?

how did you achieve the decals?

@wezrule cheers :slight_smile:

@nehon little quads