mTheoryGame Pre Third Alpha WIP Video

I have spent all week working on 3 new shader ideas, all of which are stalled and becoming very frustrating, so I spent today adding and tweaking some features in the game.

(Work in progress footage, early versions of new features.)

The video shows:

  • new “disarm fu” close combat
  • simultaneous universe spheres
  • weapon firing has been tightened signifigantly, there is camera shake and recoil animation.
  • working with debris effects
  • cinematic camera

I loved the combat between the guys :D.

Very nice!

nice !!

is the disarm fu animation based or is there some “physicish ragdolling” involved?

cheers :slight_smile:

@nehon its a placeholder animation till you can help me with my multi depth pass issue :wink:

Nice! Good Work. I liked the sniper over the shoulder zoom.