Multi Core - Multiple Applications


does anyone know if multiple applications are advisable? I have already searched the forum a little bit and I know that it is possible to perform multiview rendering in one screen. However, this is not professional within a swing gui like Netbeans where the user should be able to configure its environment.

Moreover I want to know, if multiple applications are possible, if the rendering is distributed between multiple cores (if available).

Thanks a lot.



Since rendering is done on the GPU and its essentially sequential from the outside and parallel on the inside its best to consider the render loop a single thread from your programming environment anyway I guess. So using the multiple rendering view solution is probably the best, especially as you are talking about one application already (e.g. your NetBeans platform app).

If you really want to use multiple Application classes with their own render loop (and thread accordingly), you would also have to use preViews to render because lwjgl doesn’t support multiple heavyweight canvases in one application. Consider however that the workload and threading management can become quite heavy this way, and that no “professional” desktop OpenGL app (e.g. NASA’s NetBeans/jogl stuff) really does it that way.

The best approach (which jMP is probably going to take soon), is to create a PixelBuffer context and then use renderer.readFrameBuffer() on FrameBuffer objects that you create. This way you can have as many “views” as you want and you only use one application. Each view essentially has a BufferedImage which you can place on a JPanel or whatever else you want.

Hi Momoko_Fan,

thanks for this info. I wait for this feature.