Multi-Object Meshes?

Hi All,

I am working on a project and our department has decided to go ahead and just hire an animator to rig a model that we have. The animator had a question for us…

It would appear the eye and the dog models are seperate meshes, and he is preparing a single skeleton to operate both objects. Is this supported by JMonkey? He would like to know before he gets to far because going back and fixing it is much more time consuming than fixing it right away if it is a problem.

If more specifics are needed as to what is actually intended, please ask, and I will try to have it prepared asap.

BTW the skeleton is an IK chain, is that ok?


the dog models

Which the? actually I’m assuming you have a dog with eyes that should look somewhere?

You should try doing a few test exports to make sure it works. You can do this easily by downloading jMP and then exporting into your assets/Models folder, and then opening it in SceneViewer.

It is probably best to export the model as a single object, you can still use multiple materials/textures that way so there’s really nothing to lose.

And I think IK chains should work, as long as the proper keyframes are in the IPO curves.