Multipass Material for Glow Effect

Hi all,

I am new to the jmonkey, but from searching I found out that there is no multipass support for materials, but a filter system do deal with such needs.

What I want to implement is something like this:,

which is basically a second pass of VS / PS to create a transparent inflated object from the original mesh. This CG code seems pretty straight forward.

How would you implement this in jmonkeyengine? Using a filter? I did not find a example to limit a filter on a specific node, is it possible?


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Take a look at the glow stuff, it can be done on a per object basis


Are you referring to ?

The point is, I dont want that bloom based glow, I really want the glow balloon. I know I could simply clone the spatial and the transparent Material to it instead of using shaders, but since it seems so simple in Ogre I thought that there could / should be some way to do multipass shaders on a material basis?

you can make you own material based on this shader. You’ll have to translate it in glsl though.

Then just duplicate the objects you want to render like this. place the duplicates in the transparent bucket and apply your material to them.