Multiple clients for MonkeyZone

Hi normen – I have decide to extract from MonkeyZone just the basic Networked FPS – I have removed the unnecessary entities and the AI player and part of the HUD and tried to have server and 2 clients connected. However when second client connects it doesn’t start the game. I have find out that the reason for this is within ServerGameManager.startGamea it appears that it checks ”running” flag in order to create entity – my point is 1 client – creates one entity (for player) , thus there should be 2 players with the game date. Could you please provide me with some tips? I have the sens that this implementation was not meant for the way I’m trying to use it?

Avatar Image normen Sent 8 hours, 46 minutes ago

@normen: The whole MonkeyZone code is well documented, if you don’t understand whats happening start out smaller. Also, please use the forum, I am not a hotline or something.

@ches: Yes I was easily able to track the problem, but it appears to be more ideological issue then implementation. I indeed decided to start small - remove all I will not need from the code and have just the very basic.

You can base any kind of non-mmo networked game on it but probably you do it wrong, yeh ^^. Your questions are way too general, the general overview of MonkeyZone can be found here: and here

Lol, and by saying “please use the forums” I did not mean you should address me personally so nobody else answers xD. Its mainly about a) nobody else sees PM’s so they help nobody except you and b) I just can’t explain everything to everyone alone.

Will check it, haha well didn’t mean to address you personally just wanted to make sure the history of discussion is not lost so that it can help:) I’m sure other people will answer too.

I actually read those two before posting this and don’t meant to be picky but my question is actually very concrete :slight_smile:

“Why there is boolean runing flag in ServerGameManager.startGame”

So it doesn’t start twice.