Multiple InputHandler switching

Howdy, all.

First, I'm making lots of progress with my app. Once the initial learning curve was over it's been smooth sailing. I love jmonkeyengine.

But I have a new issue: I have one game state with three different input handlers. A keystroke switches between them.


FirstPersonHandler extends InputHandler



ChaseCameraHandler extends InputHandler




AbsoluteHandler extends InputHandler




HandlerSwitch extends InputHandler

HandlerSwitch creates the three handlers and does the switching. Initially, the AbsoluteHandler is enabled and I can see the cursor but after I switch to the other handlers, I never see the cursor again when I switch back to the AbsoluteHandler (the KeyboardLook handler works). Other than that, it works great.

I took a tip from lex's strategic handler to do getMouseManager().getMouse().enable() during the switching

public void switchToAbsoluteHandler()


Is there something I've missed? Any hints, clues, hypotheses?


Try calling

 MouseInput.get().setCursorVisible( true );

when you need the cursor visible...
basixs said:

Try calling

 MouseInput.get().setCursorVisible( true );

when you need the cursor visible...

Thanks, basixs.
I tried that. Once I switch to another handler and disable/setCursorVisible(false) it won't come back.

Edit for mea culpa:
Oops. No, I didn't. What I actually tried was MouseManager.getMouse().setCursorVisible( true );
My bad. It works now

Thank you, sir!