Multiple JME frames on the same device?

Hey Guys,

Im working on moving my NWn resource browser from Java3D to JME.

As it currently works, it pops open a new JFrame with the view  on any resource  opened.  This means, if i open two models, it would pop open 2 JFrames each with their own JMECanvas.

Is this legal in JME land?

Secondarily, Im having a hell of a time getting input for those JME canvas frames working. All I need is key input, any help would be welcome.


Yes, that's possible. There are still problems with texture states, though (due to the texture manager supporting only a single context). Only one of the frames can have textures currently.

Couldnt something be shared via a singleton or a jndi cache ( rendering via a singleton ) provided they are in the same JVM