Multiple Scenes


I’m new to JMonkey. I’ve designed a scene with TerraMonkey and am able to render it.
Is it possible to place another scene (also made with TerraMonkey) to the scene of before?

My aim would be to make a map system that allows me to create a huge landscape with seperated files. (scenes that can be edited with TerraMonkey)
I’ve already seen the TerrainGridTest example, but it appears to me that this is not what I’m looking for. (


At the top, there are 2 buttons (Add/Link in Scene Composer). There you can add other .j3os to an existing .j3o

Ah thanks, that’s working fine.

Am I able to use some kind of scene composer too when I’m programming? Like that my camera goes through the world and when it reaches the end of the current scene, it’ll check if there’s a new scene at this position to load?

you mean like in Unity just for checking a scene out? Afraid not. You can however write a simple program and use the default fly cam to fly through it, but any loading of new scenes will have to be written by yourself.

Okay, I get it. What I’m currently doing is loading j3os and using setLocalTranslation to correctly place them next to each other in the scene.
I’m just wondering if this is the correct way of designing a landscape which can be unlimitedly large?

Probably you want to look at this then:

I’ve already seen this but I have no clue how the png files used in the example are being generated. I don’t see a way to design map pieces in the examples given.