Multiple Textures on a shape

Hey there.

I’ve basically just started with 3D programming so no surprise I’m left with a beginner’s question:

Is it possible to have multiple textures on a shape/spatial?

For instance, I want a cube with only one side using a different texture.

If so why (not) and how?

I’m using jME3.

Thanks :slight_smile:

normen said:

Where does that go except back to my post?

Try the second result after your post, the one prefixed with [SOLVED] for example.

Right, this afternoon the link only displayed one result; my post. Now it shows a list. Something is fishy.

Any way, thank you. I have something to read through now.

Probably you had the “unreplied” filter active or you were on the “my posts” page. These settings are permanent thru pages…

Yes probably. This forum is a bit different than most common ones. For example, I am still looking for a forum index (listing the subforums) but I’m not sure that exists. Is there any kind of topic ordering, like a seperation between jme2 and 3?

I realise this is getting off-topic now…

The menu is the only thing that “subdivides” the forums, theres also an index under “All Categories”