Multiple windows + mouse capture

Hi -

I'm very new to jme, so forgive me if I'm asking some dumb questions ...  Is it possible to create multiple jme windows ?  I didn't see a multiple window app in the demos; I tried to create a second window after I'd obtained the display (using DisplaySystem.getDisplay()), but this yielded an exception :

Cannot create window: Only one LWJGL context may be instantiated at any one time.

I also messed with the cursor using pieces of the cursor demo; however it still seemed that jme was capturing the mouse for duration I had it up.  Is there a way to turn this off  so I can use  a simulated mouse inside the window, but still mouse around outside ?

thanks !


I solved the problem with not having a system cursor by:


You can use multiple windows with the swing (or swt) integration. But I cannot recommend that. Texture states (or more exactly texture caching) still have issues with multiple contexts.