MultLocal and Mult


can someone please explain me the difference between local and non-local methods?

Is it correct that if I want to rotate a spatial possessing quaternion1 rotation around an axis I have to do




what is an add of tqo quaternions?

Thanks a lot.



The javadoc clearly states all this. The “local” methods apply the values to the object itself while the non-local ones return a new object, except for Quaternion.multLocal(Vector3f), where the value is stored in the Vector. What you imagine as “adding” is probably multiplication in the case of quaternions, but bear in mind that the result is different based on the ordering (if you try rotating your hand by 90dg left and then 90deg up you end up somewhere else than when you rotate it 90dg up and then 90dg left). Adding is simply adding the single values (x,y,z,r) of one quaternion with those of another, its not particularly useful afaik, except maybe for some cool math stunts I cant perform :wink: