Musical Tile Tapper Game

Morning people,
Last weekend I took time to develop my own version of a well known mobile mobile game in the market.
It is basically the same game as Piano Tiles/Don’t tap the white tile.
The reason I did this game was to see how fast I could make a popular game in the market and this is my result.

Please feel free to give some feedback or just enjoy it.

Download here


Hadn’t heard of “Don’t tap the white tile” before (apparently it’s the new “Flappy Bird” as far as clone-appeal goes, which I don’t mean in a bad way), so I figured I’d play your first then the original. They are indeed near-identical (you even had the same video commercial! :stuck_out_tongue: (I realise that’s just because of Google Ads, but 'twas funny).

Conclusion: I think I actually like it better in your “3D mode”, which as you know isn’t even a thing in the original.

Some more feedback:

  • Coming into a game without even the slightest of ambient background music just feels weird and empty to me, especially considering how easy it is to acquire a track or two for a little or nothing (Newgrounds is my favorite).
  • Since you went with the same menu-style, I think you should’ve stuck with a 2-color palette as well. Since I played your game first I was like “why is it like this? at least put a separator between the game modes and the other stuff”. Then I played the other one: “aaaaah, I see”.
  • Maybe a tiny bit of feedback on each buttonpress? Like a super-short and tiny ripple-animation where your buttonpress was. When I hit the wrong one, sometimes I feel like blaming the game instead of myself because it just says “wrong tile!” instead of “you clicked exactly here, which you can see is wrong”.

Another quality jME3 Android game. Hats off to you @ndebruyn!

Achievement unlocked : “Publish 2 JME games in less than one week”
You never sleep or what? :wink:

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Thanks for that link, it will surely help me with some nice ambient music. All my games is build on top of a little game framework I did for my games to make the deployment cycle very fast. It is obviously build on top of jME but it allows me to create very nice UI which is could be unique between games. It also makes screen flows much simpler making use of appstates. A big thing I recently build into my framework is sound support for midi files. This is very helpful because midi files have so much advantages, like it is very small because it is instruction for music send to the sound device. It is also ver nice for ambient music.

Okay cool.

Wow, I did not even think of that. I will surely build this in. Thanks for that.

Thank you.

Cool @nehon. I actually do sleep and I have 2 kids and full time job.
The game development is a big hobby of mine as you can notice and I love doing this.

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And now I hate you. :stuck_out_tongue:

@nehon, no please don’t hate me.
I still wish to learn much more.