MW3D Rox


Hello everyone I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alex, I'm a nobody and a complete NOOBE.   :?

Let me begin by saying that the Jmonkey engine looks frickin' amazing from an outsiders P.O.V. -CONGRATS to the team

I cannot wait to begin learning how to build with it.


Since you have I Eclipse I recommend the Eclipse guide:

Then you can dump wincvs, ant, JBuilder, and the LWJGL you downloaded.

Actually everybody can and is encouraged to change the Wiki pages whenever issues are found (like in your case)… since devs are very much with their hands full developing this great engine.  :wink:

Unfortunately there are 3 types of accounts in the jME site… the wiki, the main page (news and stuff) and this forum. You have to register for a wiki account as well as the forums account in order to be able to edit data!  :expressionless: This should really be automatized!


Awe but the three accounts are worth it.  It's the least we can do for the geniuses behind this GameDev kit.  :slight_smile:

Where do I mail Xmas cards?  }:-@

Austin TX, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil… you name it  :P… Mainly Austin, though  :smiley: