My first android game in JME3

Hi, guys!

This is the first game I did, it took me almost one year.

And took me a lot of time to translate it to English.

Because of my not good English, there are maybe still a lot of dialogue translated not so correct in the game.

Thanks the JME, it’s a very good Engine.

Some screenshots

The game in the play store: (I’m sorry, for some resean, this old version is bad!)

The game in the play store:


Looks really good! Glad to see someone sticking with their plans for such a long period of time. Many people give up after not finding the instant-create-a-game-button.
Best wishes for your game! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, I will keep on updating this game.


Congrats !
Do you plan to pakage it for desktop ?

very nice ^^

Very nice game.
Do it worth to do it for free ?

the game is made well and cool!
my suggestion: change the character’s name from ‘Sakura’ to ‘Ying’? That would be great too :smile:

Wow looking great! I especially like the video as the animations are really awesome! And that’s quite an interesting fighting system too, it doesn’t just look like double clicking and wating for the enemy to die :smiley:

Thanks for your reply! I haven’t such a plan yet, but maybe in the future. :smile:

Thanks for your reply! Yes, I like and want more people to play it and enjoy it


Thanks for your suggestion, maybe the next version I will change the character’s name


Awesome Job!

Thanks for all the replies. I’m sorry, this is my first post in this forum, I still not very clear how to use the editor :wink:

Very nice! :smile:

Hi, game is cool.
But it’s hard to control via touch screen, better with keyboard and mouse, try to port it to PC:)


Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have try to uploaded an .apk file, but it seem the forum not allow to upload .apk file.
You could try this URL below, I always share files in this URL, it’s easy to get it.
The URL →
The latest version is: Fighter-release-1.5.1-BD.apk

It still need a lot to improve, thanks for your suggestion, and maybe I will port it to PC in the future.

Cool, thank you! I managed to download the game from market finally, but anyway it’s better to have an apk :smiley:

So I just want to say awesome game, I downloaded it from google play. I did see some animation issues running it on the the Galaxy S4.

Actually wondering if you are using BulletAppState in your game?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I using BulletAppState in my game, but in combat, I simply use BoundingVolume and distance to detect collision.

Very nice!

That is the supposedly main reason for using Unity and not JMonkey, aside from “C#/mono better than Java and monoDevelop being an awesome IDE”, “Unity is the perfect merge between designers point of view and programmers point of view”, and “Unity is multi-platform so you can program the same game for WiiU or Playstation or PC or Android and it will run”. I disagree with all citations between “”. But that is solely my opinion.

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