My first android released game

Hey all,
I created a 2d game based on jmonkeyengine. Sting is a game that
improves accuracy and speed for any fps (first person shooter) player.
Hope you like it!


Interesting game.
Well done.

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Nice GUI !

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Simple and cool idea. Fits to the target medium (mobile phone). Good training of eye-hand-coordination. So simple that children and unexperienced silver surfers will understand it immediately. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the positive feedback, glad that u like it, i would like to see any suggestions to improve this game

Maybe provide different colors for the targets - white+red target gives 1 point, yellow+redgives 2 points, orange+red gives 4 points, blue+green gives 3 points - something like that. So if there’s not much time, users should pick the orange ones first in order to get a good score. This adds one more dimension to the challenge (not only shields, but also colors of good targets).

nice Idea and nice GUI …