My first game. SlimeWar online

Hello there guys. I am a developer for long time but I used to scare of game developing. Jmonkey and this forum helped me alot to understand alot of concepts. I just wanted to thank and share my tiny game with you.

SlimeWar is a multiplayer game. Players controls slimes, collect orbs and get size level. High levels, can eat low ones and get score. There is a flag in the middle of maps. When you get the flag, it gives speed bonus and allow you to make mass murder :stuck_out_tongue:

SlimeWar Online v0.5 Android - YouTube

Web Page

I have published it for android and pc for now. For pc version, i made a simple java launcher for updating to jar and libs for new updates.


This is the most trashy,home-made and rough gameplay trailer i’ve seen.

Gotta download instantly.

EDIT: Linux launcher soon? :frowning:

It was really fun to make that gameplay video :smile: Linux launcher is a good idea. I may make one

Ok,launching your game on Android 4.2.2 seems to be a white-straight-man privilege [quote]

well, i have no idea why. I need to do little bit forum research for that. Hey, thank you for feedback :=)

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Needing a linux launcher here too!!

Hey @nerdproject,

First of well done with the game to Android.

Then second, can you maybe give some knowledge of what you did for the multiplayer on android?

How did you go about it? Is it google play services, your own networking, firemonkey, do you have your own server running somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

@ndebruyn hey. I was about to create my own multithread Java server but then i saw the documents and I decided to go with JME networking apis. Its very easy and useful. It saved me lots of time. I am running server jar on my dedicated server.