Mythruna 10 year anniversary release

Figured that since this section was still around that I would post here for more visibility.

In June of 2012 was the last public release of the old engine before rewrites and lots of life issues (cancer sucks) dragged things along. Meanwhile, that release racked up some impressive download numbers (Windows version is over 40k, I think.)

In the past few years, I’ve pivoted to making more of the core libraries open source (MOSS) which has also helped organize the project into something I could continue as time was available without having to swallow the whole pill every time. Earlier this year, i was even finally able to make a real road map, work-breakdown-structure (WBS), etc…

The culminations of those efforts is the recent soft release of the new test engine build. Walk through video here:

This release is available to anyone who requests a link. Simply respond here if you’d like to download and try it and I will PM the information.

I’m doing a soft rollout like this until the network support is turned on and the publc server is up… just to kind of limit my exposure to complaints about the lack of networking and a public server. :wink:

This release has the core mechanics for building and object creation… and exploring. Huge worlds, far terrain, etc… It would be interesting to see how JME handles all of that on different hardware.

If you’d like to help me improve social media engagement then consider liking or sharing that video link or especially consider retweeting the announcement tweet:

Thanks for reading and being part of the JME community that ultimately helps make stuff like this possible.


Sure, I’ll give it a spin. It’ll have to be tomorrow night when I try it.
Been a long while since I tried that beta. I can still remember how when separated from the other blocks, the water blocks looked like gelatin moving. (of course, as a mass of water blocks it looked like a wavy surface). Oh, and how things like the chairs were basically collections of mini blocks. Cool to see the blueprinting system.
And you’ll get no grief from me about getting the networking up. My first netcode started as a homemade mutant chatroom that was drummed up over a holiday break. Sometimes, better to have it be ready when it is ready.

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Where can I find the download link :thinking:

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I’ll send you a private message with the link.

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Congratulations on the anniversary! Let’s look forward to another 10 years :slight_smile:

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If it’s not too late, I wouldn’t mind giving this a test run. I’ve always enjoyed the work you’ve posted here on various experiments and subsystems.

PM sent. Thanks for the interest.

I’d also be curious to download it. :slightly_smiling_face: I haven’t looked in here a long time and missed it, cool to have an anniversary!

@zathras Hi Ruth, nice to hear from you!

@pspeed May I have access to this build? Thanks!

@zathras and @iamcreasy, you both should have a PM with the info now.

Thanks for the interest.

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I just see this now! If it’s still available, I really want to have the link, too.

In fact, there have been a few newer releases since then… last one this past January. (Another one “soon”, I hope.)

I’ll send you a PM. Note that the link is also in the upper left corner of every recent live stream. (Listed here: Paul Speed - YouTube)

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