Mythruna Physics Progress Video

Just a little something I threw together to bask in the glow of fixing some ornery bugs before diving into the next batch of changes…

Always so much left to do.

you sure love putting things through holes :P. Looking sweet as usual :D, nice work!

Heheh. Thanks.

When I was playing around, I just found that trying to shoot things into holes tended to show the most interesting bounces and spinning.

Still lots left to do but it’s always nice to be able to get it into a working state before breaking it again with the next set of changes. :slight_smile:

Paul, whats up, why yo have to throw furniture across the map? :wink: Great job, this will provide lots of fun to people I guess :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I was originally just going to use a small dirt block or something but those placeables’ blueprints were handy since I already include them prebuilt in the regular game. So I used them as stand ins.

Then in testing I realized how much better of test objects they were since they bounce and catch on things in odd ways that a plain block wouldn’t. Found lots of bugs I wouldn’t have found and it looks way more interesting to see chairs bouncing down the stairs. :slight_smile: