Name for new Camera class


Another class name request.

I’ve got a camera class I use in my modeler prototype that I want to adapt to work with jME. It provides me with some funcitionality that I need in jME Studio for picking, switching between perpestive and ortho views, etc.

It uses OpenGL compatible matrices, but doesn’t depend on the OpenGL api.

I would like to put it in the jME renderer package with the other camera classes but I can’t think of a good name for the class.

Since it’s independent of a JNI implementation I thought about IndieCamera or JICamera but those don’t really work for me.

Does anyone have any ideas for a class name for this critter?



Can you merge the capabilities in with AbstractCamera or will it changes the implementation of AbstractCamera?

Interesting possibility. I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll approach it from that perspective and see what I come up with.