Native File Wrapper Question

I was wondering what system JMonkey SDK uses to wrap the .jar files into .exe, .app, etc. Does it put the .jar file in a temporary location?

Cool, didn’t know there is also an exe-wrapper. Good to know

The .exe just run the .jar with some aditional java parameters. It a script that creates an .exe in dist folder.

Cool, didn’t know there is also an exe-wrapper

A .sh too :).

Where in the dist folder is the jar file that the exe runs and what is it called?

Have you ever generated a jar file for any application via netbeans/jmp? Right click on the project

>clean / build, and it will create a "dist" named folder inside your project folder, and when you deploy a desktop executable via jmp, it creates the executable on that folder.

Its all detailed in the manual, the main jar is packed in the exe and you distribute the lib folder along with it. But as glauco says, just enable the deployment option and build, then you get a zip file for the selected platforms.

What systems are used to pack the main jar inside the exe? JSmooth?

I think it’s not a pack, because the .exe just works if the .jar is in the same folder. Then I guess the .exe is just a script that normen did to run the jar file. I think you can understand better by reading this :

If you need to create a similar exe yourself I suggest taking a look at Launch4J, as it is probably quite similar.

Yeah, its using launch4j but the Mac applications you only get from us :stuck_out_tongue: