Navigation map vs Ray Cast

Hi my question is actually a bit vague and complicated probably , but …
I have a map ,its a desert - its mostly empty , you can go where ever you want.And i has a really really small ammount of buildings like 1 house each 1-5 KM.
I use ray cast to give my soldiers a right Y (i use no phisics only ray and animations).

Now i’ve seen people talk about navigation map, and what i would to know if it has any reason for me to use it.
My map is 99% navigable and if you hit a house in front of you ,you could just turn to left and walk long the wall.
still i have to check height all the time ,soo shoud i use navigation map or not? Does it really worth to use it if u cant get stuck ?

If what you have right now is working out well, I don’t see a reason for you to change it. Your navigation behaviors seem extremely simple, so unless you’re wanting something more advanced the navigation mesh might bring more complexity than benefit. As far as checking height, games typically would have some sort of physics system that handles all that automatically. There’s no “right” or “wrong” way here though - it really is a matter of what works well for your specific game and what makes sense to you as a programmer.