Navmesh path help

Is there any decent documentation for beginners in navmesh pathfind?, i need multiple agents walk in navmesh that go to specific place and evoid overstep each other

This explains navigation meshes pretty well. Does not covery overstepping, might be a bit more complicated, I’d probably just check for an upcoming collision while an agent is moving along their path and take a small diversion within the same triangle if neccesary.

There also should be something in the wiki about how to use the navmesh in jme actually.

Collission avoidance is something different though

I will be adding to the jme-ai wiki soon myself. I have some good code for examples to. One thing left to overcome right now which is why steps aren’t working as they should. Once I figure out why I will update the wiki.

As Dark chaos said though, there is nothing there for collision avoidance. That’s up to you and collision listeners.