Navmesh waypoints under ground when using a separate mesh


I made a test file for debugging here

if I use the landscape as a navmesh it works fine
if I duplicate and only trim some faces from the landscape in blender and use that copy as a navmesh, all waypoints (except start point) are under the mesh itself while it should give the same result as previously (in some cases waypoints are even found outside of navmesh bounds…??)


can someone be kind enough to have a look ?


anyone ?

results with current navmesh code are quiet eratic

so I re-ported snooks code(game programming gems) in java and I could have it working, so it is not a problem with my meshes

so the AI plugin is not mainained anymore? nobody cares ?
I guess I am the only one working around new years eve :slight_smile: lol

I said something wrong ? why did I have -1 rating ?