NavMeshNavigationControl Usage

I’m looking at the MonkeyZone source and I can’t seem to find where NavMeshNavigationControl is actually used. Am I missing something?

It isn’t

Is the NavMesh functionality a work in progress?

No, the navmesh as integrated in the SDK (create navmesh command) and the AI plugin works pretty well.

Is this the plugin you speak of?

I don’t seem to see how this plugin is used for pathfinding in MonkeyZone. What am I missing?

Its based on the same code as in MZ but it works :slight_smile: You were asking if the NavMesh is a WIP, its not, its completed in the plugin and SDK command.

I was really looking for an example use of the NavMesh and pathfinding in general. In MonkeyZone, following how it appears to be implemented, it appears to be a dead end. I understand there is a plugin, but how is the NavMesh implemented in MonkeyZone?

I see that WorldManager creates a NavMesh, but the only thing that seems to ever read it is NavMeshNavigationControl which is never used.

It isn’t.