Near objects disappearing - near camera frustum culling & FOV

How can I bring the camera’s near frustum closer without distorting the view? Objects are culled too far from the camera but moving the near plane seems to change the FOV dramatically.


By changing the cameras frustum settings.

Why isn’t this the default view?

cam.setFrustumPerspective(45, settings.getWidth() / settings.getHeight(), 1, 1000);

Edit: The aspect ratio is an int divided by an int… adding a (float) makes everything fine.

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I just think the aspect could be omitted (on a new easifier method), when we already have:

setFrustumPerspective(float fovY, float aspect, float near, float far);

we could also have:

setFrustumPerspective(float fovY, float near, float far);

good you pointed out W/H for aspect!

btw, I could set near to 0.001f, and the character camera placed based on that value also, and things still looking good, we can “smell” the textures details now :smile: , thx!

Note: the farther apart near and far are the more z-buffer fighting you will have, especially for mid to far objects.


I am using near 0.001f, far 2000f,
and I intend to implement fog (lowering far one),
from what you said I guess if I see graphics glitches I must lower the far one?

EDIT: I found a minimum near that shadows wont glitch, it is 0.1f; I could up the far til 3000 (didnt tried more) and shadows where still ok as long I keep near at least 0.1f; thx! I will just increase the character colider so it stays a bit far from walls

I’m glad I have the opportunity to link that site again :

It contains all you need to know