Need help with AI


  Im a bit stuck with AI, anyone know whats the best way or maybe direct me to a few helpful sites? There is nothing much on it in JME

Thanks for help

Can you be more specific?  AI is a very, very broad category.  :?

Im working on a first person shooter for a college project, it will multiple bots in it, im trying to find out how to give these bots AI

Start with pathfinding algorithms:

You can also do a google search on Steering Behaviors and Planning Algorithms.

But you need to define exactly what you want your bots to do.

Good luck!

As one of the previous posters highlighted, AI is very broad topic.

There are plenty of sites out there that cover some of the basics such as path-finding, but these are more algorithmic solutions rather than actual AI as such.  i.e. A* pathfinding is just a way to find out how to get from A to B, deciding whether to head towards B or C… that's the tricky bit.

Check out gamasutra and other specialist game developer websites.

Also check out 'AI Game Engine Programming' and it's related titles on amazon (if you've got a lot of spare cash).

Seems like it’s AI day today!

I posted a brief description of steering behaviours I’ve implemented for aircarrier here, second post in the thread It might be useful directly, or just for a reference implementation of some basic steering behaviours.