Need help with Text [SOLVED]

Hey folks,

I'm trying to implement floating name/tile text for NPCs in my project.  In short, I'd like there to be a name and (optionally) a title floating above the spatials that represent NPCs in my scene graph.

I'm trying to use the com.jme.scene.Text class.  I can see the text, but it's always in the lower-right corner of my display… never floating along with my NPCs.

Here's my code (i hope this is enough of it)…

                // Also add floating name/(title)...
                Text floatingNameText = new Text("nameText-"+we.get(Tracable.ID), we.get(Entity.NAME));
                Node floatingNameNode = new Node("nameNode-"+we.get(Tracable.ID));




                    Vector3f v = floatingNameNode.getSpatial().getLocalTranslation();
                    Vector3f target = sp.getLocalTranslation();
                    v.set(target.getX() + a.getXOffset(),
                            target.getY() + a.getYOffset(),
                            target.getZ() + a.getZOffset());

Can the com.jme.scene.Text class do what I'm looking for?  Should I be going about this task differently?

Thanks a million!

Here's what I was looking for:

It would be nice to include something like this solution in the framework.