Needs of advices for "poker animation"


I'm working on a student project : an online poker game 3D.

I'm in charge of the 3D devlopment and i have to do most part of the devlopment this week, so i need some advices to be efficient.

My first question is about model : what is the best solution between using "card model" or quad to do my cards?

I also have to find model for an oval table (or just an oval volume, i don't care about the table feet) and the chips. Can someone know how to find free model?

My second question is about the textures? Does it exist a function to texture each faces of a 3d object manually (for example, the card recto with a texture, and the card verso with another texture)

Thanks for your answers!

PS: if someone have already worked on a card game withs jME, i'm really interested in his help!!


Cards: two quads back to back attached to one "card" node.  Each can be textured individually for front and back. 

Oval Table: You can probably make this quickly in any free modeling program out there: MilkShape3D (might be the easiest to get a good quick result), Blender (exported to an OBJ file for simplicity) , etc.  Texturing or materializing within the modeling program probably won't be too much trouble either.

There is way, look in the tests, there is a multitextured box in there

Empire Phoenix -> In what test please?

Cause in the multitexture test, they use few textures superimposed, and me, i just want one texture for one side : a texture for my verso, and another for my recto (on a quad)