Networking Help

I would like to suggest a new top-level section be added for Networking Help so we can discuss muliplayer concepts for our game development as well as potentially adding an API to the jME-Physics for Network support.

Is this still desired? if a couple people say yes, i'll add it. sorry, no caps typing one handed… because i'm holding a baby in the other hand you sickos.

Well, I seem to have gotten all the votes necessary for my JavaGameNetworking project to be accepted as a project so it's not such a big deal.  I'm about to be pushing for my ODENetworking project's acceptance next, but I think something specific for jME would be great as my intent in the long run is to get this networking API incorporated into jME similar to the way the jME-Physics API incorporates OdeJava.

I think networking is definitely something everyone is thinking about, it's just very few people have made it that far in their projects yet to really need to think about it.  I definitely see the need to start discussing this here and hammering some ideas together.  Maybe my API sucks and jME needs to come up with its own, what do you guys think?  :slight_smile:


i am still doing some test on using different methods for networking

i will talk to darkfrog if there are some results

I fiddled around with JSDT (java shared data toolkit) for some tests and altough it's Peer to Peer (with a central registry) it seems very promising for some use cases to me.

Supports UDP, multicast via jGroups, channels, distributed byteArrays, Listeners, … , is pure java  and has a simple api.

Downside is it seems to have taken some rust on lately (updates are sparse)

Ah, simply have a look for Yourself if You are interested:

there you go. Board is in.

Thanks mojo.