New Animation System javadocs

Today, i managed to do the java docs for 2 classes & currently working on BlendAction & BlendableAction & the rest of anim.action package, i thought its better to do each 2 related classes together alone in separate PRs :slight_smile: – please revise, i am welcome to any suggestions about the docs, code or my language.

Added live Examples within each code entry.


I have corrected the author info, removed BR tags.

One of docs improvements i thought of, was to have examples of showing the quick usage of classes, so that i have referenced the own API impl classes as examples & added one custom example for the action class, that’s why i added the short code in docs, it would make things clearer when doing the wiki.

I have finished the docs for the package anim.tween.action :

They are on my fork now, i will do a second PR when the first one gets revised well & merged, you can revise them before the second PR.

I am ready to do any change you want to commit.