New Animation System javadocs

Today, i managed to do the java docs for 2 classes & currently working on BlendAction & BlendableAction & the rest of anim.action package, i thought its better to do each 2 related classes together alone in separate PRs :slight_smile: – please revise, i am welcome to any suggestions about the docs, code or my language.

Added live Examples within each code entry.


I have corrected the author info, removed BR tags.

One of docs improvements i thought of, was to have examples of showing the quick usage of classes, so that i have referenced the own API impl classes as examples & added one custom example for the action class, that’s why i added the short code in docs, it would make things clearer when doing the wiki.

I have finished the docs for the package anim.tween.action :

They are on my fork now, i will do a second PR when the first one gets revised well & merged, you can revise them before the second PR.

I am ready to do any change you want to commit.

@Ali_RS , I apologize for disturbance, would you mind revising the PR, please ?

Hi @Pavl_G.
I will take a look at it, but I am not sure if I am qualified to review it. When it comes to good documentation and Javadoc writing I am lacking in a fundamental level.

Also from a quick glance, it seems along with Javadoc enhancement there are code changes as well?

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Thank you, No problem at all, I am really not sure too if I am even qualified to do the docs(anyway I have spent most of my time recently studying the new system pattern & came up with these docs),.

Yes, but they are just code simplifications, no function changes, just for readability.

just for clarification, the animation system core pattern is the Abstract Factory Pattern for the Action package classes, where BlendableAction is the factory class (contains factory methods) & the the system is based on the interface Tween in core, the observer pattern which is a ganeral used by the AnimComposer control to manage/update/interpolate Animation Actions.

I am back to work on the animation documentation.

I broke this PR into multiple PRs, starting from Action and BaseAction, they are open for anyone who would like to review and/or give suggestions:


thank you for working on this :melting_face: