New BBCode - Sketchfab

Hey little monkeys and big apes, :slight_smile:
I’ve added a new feature for posts - Maybe some of you know Sketchfab. It’s a site to upload and view 3D models.
From now on, you have the possibility to embed those in your posts just as you do with YouTube videos.

This is the syntax, you only have to specify the URL - There’s also a new button for it in the toolbar. :wink:


And the according result:

Have fun showcasing your models - And as always, please report any bugs.

See you,
destro :slight_smile:


ooo nice! this will be very useful!! good work

Cool use of … um… what is it? WebGL?

Couldn’t get models to display textures properly. Probably my crappy blender skills. Seemed to have a problem with blender files containing multiple meshes.

Still think it is really cool =)

This tag doesn’t work anymore … ?

Unfortunately no…it was for the old forum software we used.
And the frame based “embed” available on sketchfab doesn’t work on this forum software.

But… maybe I’ll be able to do something about it… soon.

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just testing…


HA! Done

So you just have to copy the url of the model in the post and voilà :smiley:


Thanks :grinning: - not working - working

So only long links are accepted. Try to add short links too.

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yep only long links