New Blender 2;57 —-> exporting mesh.xml


All now are adapting to the Blender 2.57, including me, and I am

having many problems to export models in the format mesh.xml…

I’ve done everything and can not, so far only managed to export the format. scene,

Can someone help me with this ??..

I need attention immediately export models in the format mesh.xml …!!!

plzzz, Help!

I can export Mesh.XML from Blender2.57 no problem

Maybe you can tell more about the issue?

Is simple,I have the python script,

I installed everything right, but I can only have the option to

export .scene and .txml if you can, tell me what I need to do to

get the addon to export in mesh.xml …

But explain to me clearly, because I am beginner in blender …

appears that the exporter can export in. scene,. and mesh. skeleton.

but in the export menu only appears that way to export Ogre3d (scene) and RealXtend (. txml). Why?

Because you only installed the scene exporter and not the mesh exporter :roll:

So please, pass me a link to download the python script to export

in the. mesh …

Just export as .scene and you will get mesh.xml files.

Yes, I export format. scene, but this is the problem, I can not convert the file. scene in the. mesh

and also can not open the Ogre3d exporter …

ogre3d only in turning into. mesh?

The ogro3d serves as a platform or application?

because they function as an application because the site looked ogre3d and did not find any application …

In the User Preferences section of my Blender 2.57, the Export-Import Addon of Ogre3d, there is an error that says that is not ogrecomandline

installed, but I’ve installed it on disk c: and d:, but not recognizing it

may be the problem too.

It’s hard for me to read topics in English, my English is bad, so to

I do a search on the forum is difficult.

Please understand me, I love JM, and eventually can help

this project, just enough to understand a little more about programming.

Thank you for your attention.

If you’re using jMP, you can import .scene files directly into it

Once you export to .scene, you should get a .material file and several .mesh.xml files.

Just try to import it … It will work

correct, but if you refer JMP is the Jmonkey then I’ll explain step by step what to do and what happens.

First - I create the model in blender.

Second - I’m in the Export option, choose Ogre3d (. scene).

Third - I export the file directly into the models folder Jmonkey. file name as the stone.

Fourth - I open the Jmonkey, and there appears only files

stone.scene Cube.mesh Scene.material.

And now, I have to load it. scene?

Because I thought I would open himself. mesh.xml in Jmonkey.

Got it?


Yes open the .scene