New build 20111212 - Physics phase 1

As usual, get it here:

Engine Test Build - Mythruna Wiki

Full change log is here:

20111121 Release Notes - Mythruna Wiki

The first phase of physics is player to object collisions. The collision detection system was completely revamped for this release and now the player can walk on solid objects, etc…


-Placeable objects can now be made physical to the players.

-Some memory and performance improvements

-F5 to toggle debug HUD off/on

-block change hook to (as a start) remove flora when the block underneath is destroyed, etc. More to come.

-Autoclimbing for low blocks… no more having to jump up steps and it even works for 1 meter high blocks.

-Property permissions now apply to placeable objects.

Known “Issue”:

-There is a “make mobile” menu item for objects that is non-functional. This is for when the fuller physics system is in place and it’s how you would make a physical object that can be bumped, thrown, etc. instead of being “static”.