New build 20111217 - Bug fix release with some performance tuning

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New build 20111217 - Bug fix release with some performance tuning

This is primarily a bug fix and performance release for known issues before I do things that are not so easy to “put back in the can” should I need to do another bug fix release. Smiley


-In the previous version there was a bug that if you dragged an object for long distances then sometimes it would kill the thread that handles player movement resulting in not being able to move. This was most commonly seen when dragging objects you were standing on so that you could fly.

-The game now uses multiple channels for communication to improve throughput and timeliness of updates. For example, all terrain tiles are now sent on a separate socket so that they don’t prevent other messages from coming through. This should significantly improve lag in some cases.

-I added a temporary F8 “low quality” toggle. This cuts out most of the work the shaders are doing to see if this improves performance on machines that seem to be shader limited. On my machine it makes no difference… but if it improves performance on certain classes of hardware then it’s a potential avenue of improvement for low-end machines. (Personally, I think the issue is texture switching which will be the topic of another test in the future.)

Known “Issue”: (Same as before)

-There is a “make mobile” menu item for objects that is non-functional. This is for when the fuller physics system is in place and it’s how you would make a physical object that can be bumped, thrown, etc. instead of being “static”.


The new quality options are quite useful. On my GeForce 8400M GS I can run the game at playable speeds (30-40 fps) at 1080p! Previously this was only reserved for Minecraft…

For reference, when I turn on post-processing or high quality shading it drops to 19 fps, when I turn on both it drops to 10 fps.

All of this was running with 64m view range by the way.

Good to know.

Have you tried a recent minecraft? Some users report that the performance is now worse than Mythruna. :stuck_out_tongue:

150+ fps @2560x1440, 8x

You have done some really neat work :slight_smile: