New Devs and split responsibilities?

You most probably have all read the discussion here.

As I have little spare time lately (again) and that little time I was gone after some comminity support and work on jME Physics 2, I did only little bugfixes for jME itself…

What do you think about:

  1. Have one or two more devs for jME (e.g. MrCoder seemed even eager to become one :))
  2. split up support responsibily for certain boards to the devs (just to be sure everyone gets an answer from a dev if necessary - as it's even hard for me to read everything)
  3. define responsibility of jME packages/categories (probably matching boards)

Yes, like I said in the thread, and we pretty much discussed this before… I think it's a good idea to give a little more access.

Of course, we shouldn't have too many people working on the core parts (you'll get problems updating etc.), but if people want to focus on certain parts; eg. BSP, or if we're lucky, a new sound developer, then I think we should go for it.

I think splitting the boards could help… eg. we could start maintaining a proper FAQ and sticky posts, moving topics to the right board, etc. As for jME packages itself, if there will be more developers eventually that might be needed, but I think right now we could manage with communicating what we're working on.

Yeah, I just read through that thread. Honestly, it seems a bit suprising to me, as you and llama have both been contributing heavily lately. Badmi has a tendancy to stir up the hornets nest when he wants :wink:


  1. MrCoder would be welcome in my mind, he's done some very cool stuff.
  2. Maybe, I'm not really sure that would be needed, and I'd hate for people to feel like they can't comment on other's territory. But as we add more people, that might be the way to go.
  3. same as 2.

    My feeling is we should definately open up more dev access to those who want it, but to those who have proven it. You and Llama were given access because you continually posted bug fixes here and there, and showed that you want to work within the jME system. That is, instead of working around a feature that isn't understood, you work to understand the system and make use of it. Opening it completely will most likely get interesting features, but features that go against how jME is built, making it inconsistent. We don't want to open the flood gates to every DarkProphet that might come around.

I don't think 2 should mean you can't comment on another board. Just that you make sure everything is going well in yours, basically a combination of being admin and taking care of the newbie questions, FAQ, etc.

And yes, like I said in that thread, we shouldn't give acces to just anyone. But aside from the obvious mrCoder, I think Bakchuda is a good example. He's not been around that long, but in those 36 post he did implement a BSP renderer, and a more pluggable display system. If he wants to continue working on this, either someone will have to spend a lot of time on his needed changes, or he should get the chance to do them himself.

I put my two cents in on the public board, but to add onto that…

We have 4 fairly active developers with cvs access and in my mind it is working out fine.  Give Mark and I a chance to get setup in homes here in April and we'll probably be back to contributing more (non-NCSoft related) code soon after.

That said, if there is someone out there that have really proven themselves and would be more apt to contribute needed (or really cool) code IF they had cvs access, I'm not opposed to that at all.  At this point in time to me though, that's only MrCoder.  Other people have done nice things with jME (terrain stuff for example) and have shown they are decent (or great even) coders, but contributing those things as they have done on the forums seems to work fine.

Yes, to clarify, I think it should be restricted to cases where not having CVS acces is an obstacle in development, or active community members that have proven themselves and would like to do more.

So I assume Mojo will contact mrCoder then?

llama said:

I don't think 2 should mean you can't comment on another board. Just that you make sure everything is going well in yours, basically a combination of being admin and taking care of the newbie questions, FAQ, etc.

Yep, that's what I think

llama said:

So I assume Mojo will contact mrCoder then?

That would be good - maybe refer his latest comments in that .10 thread....

I've ask Mr. Coder if he'd like to have CVS access twice now (a couple months ago) and yesterday. Both times he said, he'd like it but not at that moment. He's very busy at work, and said he'd request dev access when he is ready.

oh, interesting - what MrCoder wrote on the board sounded different shrug