New forum :D

The forester stuff has its own forum now. There will now be separate threads for separate issues, and each new patch/version there will be a new post dedicated only to it.


I love that picture next to the forum name. And the explanation as well. This is intended to be a collection of stuff that improves on the standard terrain. Outdoors stuff in particular.

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Congrats on your own forum :wink:

Your work is really impressive, it deserves it.

Yep, it deserves it.

Thanks. Just to be clear tho, it’s not really my forum. I’m just part of founding it. The forum is dedicated to the kind of stuff I’m working on, like Forester, but any similar projects can/will also be put here as well.

Also, the Forester lib is moving more and more towards jME, both in style and the way it’s depending more and more on jME sub-systems. It will be easier for others to work with in the future, and to extend.

I’m gonna make a thread later with “recruitment” info, if someone wants to be involved in some part of development. In fact I’m gonna do it right away.

Congrats, you’ve more than earned it :slight_smile:


Congrats dude!!! we want more back yard pictures!!! :wink:

yeah “you’ve more than earned it”, exacly, after 500 posts in forester topic + other related posts 8)

Back to nature! :smiley:

I like the name, and congratulations on the forum. It may not be yours exclusively but it’s your work that made it worthwhile :slight_smile:

Good that you’re happy with the description and image. You can always change it on demand - the river part might be a bit off for instance.

I dare you to find a better picture though! :smiley: It’s CC0, completely open source:

This is great!