New Game : Asteroid Hunter Launched!

Hi guys, I am launching the Asteroid Hunter on Steam, there is an link to download.

The game is still in development, but the phase1 ( galaxy 1 ) is completely playable.
Its in Steam Greenlight as well, so if you can help on clicking yes I appreciate !
Of course I am expecting it to stay in GreenLight until I finish the game, that will happens in at least 4 or 5 months.
Also, any comment, suggestion, critic, bug, feature, rate, etc you can give me will help a lot really, so dont mind to tell me !


Cool, I see you got some attention, which is great. Obscurity is the ultimate bane of all indies. My two cents:
The menu text looks a bit blury on all pictures and the second image on the page is really small (you might wanna reupload that)

Notice how the game icon has black bars on top and bottom, some guy in your comment section mentioned that the image needs to be 16:9 and not 4:3. That should be an easy fix and make it a whole lot more professional looking.

A thing I noticed in the video was that when the boss ship fires its top two bigass lasers the projectiles are so huge that they don’t seem to spawn in the right point innitially - which could perhaps be fixed by making them small when spawned and then quickly enlarged. Then again that might look weird.

So I took it for a test run, and the launcher doesn’t seem to open, so I had to adjust the resolution in the file. The text is really fuzzy, tone down some of that blur will you? :stuck_out_tongue: I really like how the asteroids split up to parts after hit, I’m planning on including a simmilar thing for mining asteroids in my game (i’d be interested in hearing the concept of how you did it). If I ignore the minor hitching here and there and the low resolution hud, the game is pretty damn fun to play. And in the end that’s all that matters :smiley:

Otherwise good job! Just wondering, did you purchase the greenlight fee for this game or did you have it from a previous endeavour?

P.S. After playing GTA 5 for two months, this is the only Wade I can imagine haha

Hi MoffKalast !
Thanks for all your suggestions !
Its my first time on steam, so I had to pay the greenlight fee.
The video and even some pictures are already old, but I am planning to update it, but since we are changing the menu, the fonts, etc, and the game will stays in greenlight for a while, I thought to update it after we finish the art work, it will not take long thought…
I think you are right about all your suggestions, I will look on that !
About the asteroid break system, I am using the fracture voronoi for it, the main trick I used was to run this algorithm when I create the asteroid spatial, so I have the version hole and the pieces I add when the player hit it the first time, its much more simpler then what it looks like, I have an topic talking about it here in the forum somewhere.

We are releasing an update this weekend, we tried to address all suggestions.
We are adding the record online system, and an setup program to make it easy to change resolution, performance etc.
Links :
download :
Steam page :

Cool, the main logo looks a lot better now, but you seem to have locked the width/heigth ratio of the buttons to 4:3 screen so they appear streched on 16:9. Just use the height for resizing them to keep the ratio as it should be :smile:
The game text still appears fuzzy but I guess you’re working on that.

Wait, didn’t you say you were the only one working on this? I have a friend that also does this, presenting himself as a “team” even though he’s just one guy working on a project. I could never understand why some people do this. Is it to gain credibility or perhaps seem more serious? Cause you don’t.

We are a couple of friends working together, including my wife, but I am the only one working full time with focus, so 95% of everything I am doing myself… Its hard to work as team in an startup project because I simple cant pay anyone, so they are just helping for fun. I am not artist, just developer, so its hard to me to fix things like fonts, images, etc, but I am learning a lot :slight_smile: .

You are right, the menu btns, the image is very stretched in width, I will fix that, and will look on the text fonts as well, make it a little more readable :slight_smile:

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