New JME User General Question

Hey all, looking forward to joining in on the fun with JME

Just graduated and started working for a video conferencing company in Pittsburgh. Do alot of Java coding using netbeans, so the SDK is a very familiar enviroment to be working in

Thought i would do some game development as a side hobby, i’ve been following the wiki tutorials and reading some of the forums so i decided to join in with my first (of hopefully many) posts to this site

Anyways enough about me. On to my question

As for my setup i am using Blender 2.61 (Still haven’t figured out animations yet, but i assume it can be done)

I’ve imported modules into JME without any sort of conversion (very nice feature.)

To my question, for my game i am planning on building a large school (i think i have about 15 objects, 2500 vertices, and about that many edges, and i am about a quarter of the size i am anticipating) and having the player wander around it. I was wondering if the way JME Renders if it would be able to handle (without doing a whole lot of tinkering) loading the entire school and all the objects in it at once, or if my strategy should be to break the school up into different levels, that load when a player enters the new section.

I know this is kind of a general question i’m just kind a looking for a discussion of “Yes, this is feasible if you… Or no, these sorts of things would limit you from doing something like this…”

Anyways, thanks for the help.

Depends on the size really. Just go on with one “level” for now and then if it doesn’t work out (or maybe for indoor stuff) you can still add dynamic loading / switching.

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You shouldn’t have a problem with that level of complexity, but it really depends on the target device’s graphics capabilities. A desktop with a GTX 560, for example, is going to do better than a laptop with an average GPU.

About breaking it up into levels, that’s really up to you. If you’re going to be quickly moving back and forth between different parts of the scene then it makes sense to have them pre-loaded (though that doesn’t mean they have to be attached to a node in the scenegraph)

Edit: Normen beat me by 12 seconds… damn!

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Makes sense, Thanks for the quick replies…