New method idea for TextureManager

I added a method into my local copy of TextureManager, and I wanted to submit it for possible addition into jme.  Basically, it's code extracted from the loadTexture method to return just the com.jme.image.Image that is loaded.  I found it very useful for doing image data loading without having to bind it to a GL texture id.  Here's the method code:

public static com.jme.image.Image loadImage(URL file, boolean flipped) {
      String fileName = file.getFile();
        if (fileName == null)
            return null;
      // TODO: Some types currently require making a java.awt.Image object as
        // an intermediate step. Rewrite each type to avoid AWT at all costs.
        com.jme.image.Image imageData = null;
        try {
            String fileExt = fileName.substring(fileName.lastIndexOf('.'));
            if (".TGA".equalsIgnoreCase(fileExt)) { // TGA, direct to imageData
                imageData = TGALoader.loadImage(file.openStream());
            } else if (".DDS".equalsIgnoreCase(fileExt)) { // DDS, direct to
                                                            // imageData
                imageData = DDSLoader.loadImage(file.openStream());
            } else if (".BMP".equalsIgnoreCase(fileExt)) { // BMP, awtImage to
                                                            // imageData
                java.awt.Image image = loadBMPImage(file.openStream());
                imageData = loadImage(image, flipped);
            } else { // Anything else
                java.awt.Image image =;
                imageData = loadImage(image, flipped);
        } catch (IOException e) {
            // e.printStackTrace();
                    "Could not load: " + file + " (" + e.getClass() + ")");
            imageData = null;
      return imageData;

and it's called in

loadTexture(URL file, int minFilter, int magFilter, int imageType, float anisoLevel, boolean flipped)

Like I said, simple method extraction, but I found it very useful.

Actually, I was thinking about doing the same earlier, so this is definately doable.

I'll put this in.