New on the asset store - 28 October 2019

New on the asset store - 28 October 2019

Holo ShaderCustomizable MiniMapFocusCamerajme-jfx-11IntelliJ Integration

IntelliJ Integration: Integrates jMonkeyEngine into the Intellij IDE - jayfella

Easing Functions: A set of animation easing functions. - jayfella

Holo Shader: Shader for displaying sci-fi holographic objects - grizeldi

Modifiable IsoSurface: A tech demo of a realtime multi-threaded IsoSurface editor using voxel brushes and multiple materials. - jayfella

Atmosphere: A tech demo implementation of time, sky, clouds, cloud wind, sun, moon and moon phases. - jayfella

Customizable MiniMap: A customizable minimap AppState. - jayfella

FocusCamera: An AppState that focuses and rotates around a given spatial - jayfella

Calendar: A calendar for your game. - jayfella

ShaderBlow: Materials and Filters: A sleauth of shaders for jMonkeyEngine - jayfella

jme-jfx-11: A JavaFX 11 implementation for JmonkeyEngine that allows you to use a regular JavaFX GUI in your games. - jayfella

Advanced Vehicles: An advanced implementation of vehicles for jMonkeyEngine. - jayfella

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By the way @jayfella would it be legal/OK if I put an example of a lemur project to the store. By writing my reply for another post I thought uploading e.g. my filebrowser example would be a help for someone that is just searching an example. Not sure if I feel its realy mature enough, but would like to know about.

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Sure. You can mark it as alpha, beta or release.