New test build: 20110309 posted…

I finally posted this weeks test build. There were a lot of last minute things I was trying to get right.

As usually, you can pick it up here.

Please see the Release Notes for the control changes and for more detail about placeable object creation. I’ve completely reorganized how the block types are selected on the way to smarter block selection… it definitely makes it easier to navigate the 80+ block types but is different than before. (As such, ctrl+mouse wheel no longer moves time forward and back… F4 + mouse wheel does that now.)

This version has quite a few new shaders so it probably breaks on some computers. I’d super-appreciate knowing if it still works for you or now doesn’t work for you.

Things you should see: clouds floating in the sky, blue blurring water when you go swimming around, and wavy grass actually on the ground (one failure mode on one card had grass floating in the air).

Probably the biggest new feature is the ability to create custom in-game objects. Right now, I’ve just kind of kludged a special location in but ultimately there will be a custom user interface for this. Here’s a shot of me playing at the “Template of Object Creation”:

See the last section of the release notes for details on object creation.

I’ll try to post a “what should this look like” video soon.

P.S.: It’s in the release notes but I’ll also mention it here. Since I was already including the temple as a resource in this build, I went ahead and included my little village and castle as well as a small dungeon. Have fun exploring.

So grassy :)
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I posted a video:

Walkthrough 2011-03-09

…but the quality is really bad. Trying to work on a better one tomorrow.

Looking really really good, I like the custom object creation thing. I decompiled the code and took a look, I was overwelmed :slight_smile: so much code, you have some good math skills, keep it up.

Looks great here! the underwater effect is really nice! I didn’t notice anything not rendering as intended.

:o no words, only one big “amazing!”, almost fell of my chair when I watched the video.

doing something similar for school here, but I’ll be happy when it’s like only 1/4 of your game.


Just awesome :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile: This is what keeps me going.

Better video… Hi-def and animated:

Best in 720p though the colors still get washed out a bit from compression.

Curious… have any Mac users out there actually run it or just watched the video? I’m going to be nervous about the latest shaders until I know they work on Macs. :slight_smile:

Hi speed, I have a macbook pro as a sidekick to my win32 machine, I’ll try to test it for you tonight :slight_smile:

tested it on my 2 year old macbook pro and while there are no problems with shaders, everything looks fine there are other problems, its very choppy, I tested it at both full screen and windows mode and its not that smooth, maybe for 2-3 seconds its smooth, but mostly when I move around framerate can drop to 13 frames per seconds, it soon goes up to and keeps varying between 30-150 and sometimes droping to 12-13, it does this offen when moving or trying to rotate around and see areas that you’ve not looked at choppines kicks in. I was running at 800x600, 640x480 and even 1280x720, higher the res more choppier and lower FPS…

Now think about optimizations, cos If I can’t run this on macbook pro you gotta optimize :slight_smile:

Heheh… that’s why you can set the clip. Hit F12 twice and see if that fixes it (sets the clip to 64 meters.) Then click it again to set to 96 and see if that’s ok, etc… 160 is a pretty far clip and that’s what it starts out as. It can go up to 192 and that starts to get a little choppy on my box (40-50 FPS).

yeah that made it lot better :slight_smile: very good, keep it up, good work so far :slight_smile:

Works fine on MacBook Pro Core i7 with NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M. And looks gorgeous :slight_smile:

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well core i7 is anotehr beast altogether :stuck_out_tongue: mine is bit older so it does not have all the luxury of newer models :smiley: but its confired to be able to display all shaders correctly so pspeed can get some sleep and not worry about that :slight_smile:

btw normen since you are member of core team, seeing how many people are trying to make cube/voxel engines, how about you guys do something in jm3 or jm4 that makes it easier for us to experiment with making these engines easier. Not sure what you could do but perhaps make some funcionallity to make it easier to implement voxel stuff. It seems now that notch has opened the pandora box and let the virus out everyone has been infected. So if you can try adding some funcionallity to make jmonkey more voxel friendly :slight_smile:

moonkey said:
btw normen since you are member of core team, seeing how many people are trying to make cube/voxel engines, how about you guys do something in jm3 or jm4

Yeah, in jME4 we add JmeSystem.makeMMO() and JmeSystem.makeMineCraftClone().

Well I did not mean that at, thats impossible and not fun, I’m not a 14 year old asking you to do it for me, but looking at the code for mythruna its scary how many classes there are and just how many tricks and math must be used to get this pig rolling. What I ask if there are any algorithms or functions you can add to make it easier to deal with large amount of objects on screen. Thats all :wink:

There is the geometry batcher thing that they added a while back. Not perfect but it’s a start.

Frankly, any engine that isn’t an exact clone of the last one would probably need some level of customization to the geometry generation, anyway. At least, it seems that way to me.