New test build 20120214 - Now with stand-alone server

It’s been two months since the last release and progress seems slow in that light. However, there have been lots of internal changes and a bit of polishing in other areas.

Plus, this is the one year anniversary of the first ever Mythruna release. Oh how time flies.

There is a new download page now, also:

Highlights in this release:

  • Various memory-usage and performance improvements.
  • Player avatar now has hair and her head doesn’t stretch like an alien.
  • Separate stand-alone server download with a configuration and monitoring UI.
  • More unified scripting environment in single player and multiplayer.
  • Scriptable caves.
  • Servers can now specify a different world seed.
  • Refreshed the starting spawn town for new worlds with seed=0.
  • Fixed what looks to be a long standing fake-HDR bug where it would get stuck super-bright.

    Detailed release notes here:
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The OSX icon is gone, its back to the monkey :confused:

(Weird that there is no “Quote” button anymore.)


I rearranged the projects to create separate client and server builds and must have accidentally nuked the OSX dragon… either that or it was my JMP upgrade.

Since the upgrade the icon files need to be in the resources/osx folder… And yeah, it just recreates the icon there instead of moving the old one :confused:

Edit: …and fixed the quote issue ^^

Ok… so it wasn’t entirely my fault. :slight_smile: And it’s easy to fix.

I used to have one Mythruna project and now I have Mythruna-core, Mythruna-server, Mythruna-client, and Mythruna. I was worried something got messed up in that process but a moving location is easy to fix.

So I just loaded up single player and bam

Also I noticed there’s no audio in singleplayer. Multiplayer works fine.

Yes, this has been discussed on the facebook feed and a notice went out on twitter. I forgot to mention it here.

You have discovered the same single player bug.

An update is going out tonight.

Bug fix 20120216 is up.