New to jME.. Where do I start?

Hello all.  I just stumbled across this while procrastinating at "work" and am really excited to learn it.

I'll download and set it up later (Netbeans on Ubuntu, any common problems I should know about?), but I was just wondering if people could give me a quick heads up on where to begin learning, rather than fish around the site for tutorials and such.

I'm an experienced Java programmer, so no problems there.  Thanks for any input!

The wiki articles are probably the best to get your feet wet

welcome to jME :slight_smile:

(as in her big brown eyes??)

take jme2, i had some problems with jme1, and you will have fresh tutorials there, etc. are you using eclipse, netbeans, or what? use wiki to set it up:)

if you need help - i can help just with eclipse:)


Thanks!  Herbig is my last name, it's German but sounds kind of funny…

First question:  under downloads there's version 1.0 and 2.0, but under the Google code there are no downloads.  I downloaded version 1.0 to get started, but whats the story on that?

Check that out:

*best just to get it with a 'syncing' protocol (ie, CVS, SVN, etc), then its just a right click to update :wink:

(as in her big brown eyes??)

sorry....from one of favorite TV shows, nvm

Yeah I figured it out.  CVSing to netbeans as we speak.

Sorry I didn't get the reference…  I've never seen the show but I was aware of the character.  Dammit.

Yeah I figured it out.  CVSing to netbeans as we speak.

Glad to hear it :)
basixs said:


(as in her big brown eyes??)

Ochi Chernye??

Dead like me…

So I've got everything set up according to here:

And the error I'm getting when trying to run the TestChooser is:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no lwjgl in java.library.path

The lwjgl.jar is in /jme/lib and added to the classpath in the jME-Run library I created.  Any ideas?

LWJGL.jar also requires a native library for your OS. Search the forum for that error and you will get many hits, explanations and solutions. If you're still stuck after that then hollar.

Yeah, in Eclipse when you look at the user library listings, you're able to include the path to the native library location for lwjgl by expanding the lwjgl jar listing and clicking on the appropriate link. There probably is a similar thing in netbeans.

Right click, properties, select run…

Got it, another problem with quotation marks…

Now to start some tutorials.  Thanks for all the help!

My first snag…  If anyone is doing the tutorial here:

The line:


Should instead be:


Spatial doesn't have any nonprotected static variables, as far as I can tell.

I'm also having trouble with the line:


Which should instead be:


Are these differences in version 1.0 and 2.0, or am I doing something wrong?

Are these differences in version 1.0 and 2.0, or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, they are the differences; I would recommend upgrading to 2.0.  Unfortunatly there is no tutorial like that for 2.0 yet (and SVN) this is what is available:

However, I would bet $5 that after learning what you did earlier, I could give you this link and you can get version 2 up and running in no time :)